What we do

We produce engaging african content for a wide audience.

Our scripts

Our scripts are written to appeal to a broad audience. They have a local African flavor with a touch of social responsibility. We film our stories in the local languages.


We choose the best local actors to portray our characters. In addition, we seek new promising talent giving young and upcoming actors a chance to be showcased for the first time.


The combination of modern equipment, qualified crew, and talented cast enables us to bring our stories to life in a very realistic way.

Video editing

We pride ourselves in demanding profession standards of editing in all our work, resulting in high quality, entertaining and educational films.

Our Projects

picture needed
picture needed


“Mutoni” is a dramatic video series aimed at promoting and improving the health of the Rwandan people by addressing issues such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, clean water and sanitation. The series is centered on the life a community health worker supervisor named Mutoni and her struggle to meet the demands of her job while taking care of the needs of her challenging family and the administrative headaches of her new supervisory position.

Serving a slice of rwanda: a tennis story

The story depicts the life of several tennis players in Rwanda following the genocide in 1994 as well as the state of tennis in Rwanda. Tennis is used as a medium to exemplify the resilience of the Rwanda people.

Fighting Climate Change in Rwanda

The upcoming film, “Fighting Climate Change in Rwanda” is a documentary that showcases the effects of climate change in Rwanda from an African perspective, especially the impact on rural populations of subsistence farmers. The film also highlights Rwanda’s goliath commitment to fight climate change, both locally and globally, providing inspiration and insights to possible solutions to make a change.

Nutrition and cooking show

37% of children under 5 years old suffer from chronic malnutrition in Rwanda. “Nutrition 101” is an entertaining cooking and nutrition show that provides viewers with a day to day nutritional guide and delicious recipes made with locally sourced foods told by a highly entertaining Rwandan cook. The show uses a Rwandan cook who entertains viewers using local cooking techniques and local foods to inspire Rwandans to cook highly nutritious and delicious meals for their families.

About Us

Founded by Jim Creighton M.D, Akagera Production is a film and tv production company
Based in Kigali, Rwanda. It focuses on socially responsible content for the local,
as well as international market.
Our team brings a wealth of experience from the film industry, ranging from producers, writers, directors and videographers.


A tennis story

Meet The Team

Jim Creighton


is a board certified Family Physician who has worked in the International Health field for over thirty years. He has lived and worked in Africa.

Jean Maurice Kabuguza

Executive Producer

Studied writing and directing at the University of Paris Vincennes in 2002. He moved to Los Angeles in 2007 where he worked

Idriss Gasana BYIRINGIRO


Graduated in 2013 with Bachelor's degree from the School of Journalism and Communication, Faculty of Arts, Media and Social Sciences



Karara Robert is a Rwandan cinematographer and director. He started in theatre, as a writer.

Sean Creighton


Sean Creighton is a student in Rwanda. Originally working behind-the-scenes, he has risen to Director of Photography, Director and Editor for several projects.

Yannick Kabuguza


Yannick Kabuguza is a 26 years assistant director. He got into the film industry by chance when he was hired as a runner. From that moment, he found a passion for film. Climbing the ladder rather quickly, he switched position from location manager to assistant director. He is hope is to direct documentaries

Minani Jean de Dieu

Light and Sound

Minani Jean de Dieu is a professional Rwandan gaffer and boom-operator. He studied at Tumba College of Technology. He has worked on many local feature films, commercials and tv series. He is considered to be one of the best sound specialist in the industry.

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