Film Production Services

Akagera Productions started in 2016 with the intent of producing an edutainment program called Mutoni. The show, which follows a nurse and her troublesome husband while simultaneously delivering health messaging to rural people, was a hit in Rwanda when broadcast on TV1 in late 2019. This success was hardly guaranteed, there were many setbacks along the way. After all, we were trying to establish a professional production company in a country with limited production resources. We were building everything from the bottom.

Today, Akagera Productions has extensive capabilities in content production. With 22 episodes of Mutoni, 3 short-film documentaries, a talk show, and many other small projects under its belt, the company is well established and highly capable. With a focus on multicamera television production, Akagera Productions is the prime candidate for any co-productions seeking to work in Rwanda.

The company is young, and highly ambitious, with creative minds jumping at any chance to write, produce, or direct the next big thing.